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We are very excited about our new ventures as Plan-it Travel (Pty) Ltd. Most of you will recognize us as StayEezy, who has been managing contractor accommodation for the better part of this decade (Since 2009).


Our approach to offer our clients payment terms has really changed our approach to market. Over the last couple of months our business has grown tremendously and we would just like to thank everyone that has walk this journey with us over the last 9 years.  


With new changes in our organisation comes exiting new opportunities, and a lot of commercials that needs to be sorted out with our suppliers, as well as our clients. The workload has picked up and we had to implement various processes in order to streamline our services and offering to our clients and suppliers alike.


Plan-it Travel has taken the approach that only accommodation registered with Plan-it travel will be proposed to our clients. We value your services and offerings, and we are happy to propose your accommodation to our clients should the application be successful. Once received, your application will be processed, loaded and you will be assigned an account number.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and we trust that this relationship can be carried on through the next 9 years and beyond.